Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nutritious Food Choices During the Summer Months

Free Book Helps Moms Keep Nutritious Food on the Table During Structure-Lacking Summer Months

(ARA) – According to a recent survey sponsored by Ragú pasta sauce, nutrition and fitness seem to suffer most as a result of moms’ busy schedules. It seems these challenges escalate during the summer due to the lack of structure provided by the school year and corresponding activities. Luckily, the Ragú Soccer Moms Shortcuts book is available free at www.Ragú.com and contains quick and nutritious recipes along with game-time tips.

According to the survey, almost all moms said that they understand the nutritional needs of their kids, yet 80 percent admit they face challenges -- like fussy eaters or their own busy schedules -- in meeting their kids’ nutritional needs. Furthermore, only 16 percent of moms list exercising as a priority and 65 percent would welcome shortcut ideas for preparing nutritious meals that their kids will actually eat.

Recent studies also suggest more and more kids are giving up outdoor activities to munch on unhealthy snacks while watching television or playing video games during the summer. The overall conclusion suggests parents should get involved by encouraging their kids to eat right and stay active.

Unsure of where to start? Pick up a copy of the Ragú Soccer Moms Shortcuts book, available free at www.Ragú.com. Since most kids love pasta sauce and can get a full serving of vegetables with just one half cup of most Ragú pasta sauces, the book highlights a variety of dishes (beyond just pasta) Moms can quickly make using Ragú along with everyday items in their pantry or fridge. Additionally, use the book to brush up on your sports lingo and find new ways to pass the time during games.

Try this recipe (from the book) and offer your family a quick and nutritious meal tonight:

Ragú Taco Salad

Just brown ground beef or turkey and add in a 26 ounce jar of Ragú pasta sauce for each pound of meat. Toss in sautéed veggies like bell peppers, corn or black beans, heat through and serve over a bed of lettuce with tortilla chips.

For more recipes and tips go to www.ragu.com.

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