Saturday, December 08, 2007

Easy Crock Pot Cooking Tips

Tips for Using Your Crock Pot

  • It is best to follow the recipe's instructions, but a general rule of thumb is ONE HOUR ON HIGH EQUALS TWO HOURS ON LOW. If for some reason you cannot be there at exactly the time specified to turn it off, don't worry. Because of the low cooking temperatures your food will not burn.
  • Allow more time than given in the recipe at altitudes over 4000 feet.
  • There are generally two temperature settings, low and high. Low is 200 degrees and high is 300 degrees.
  • When using frozen foods in a recipe, thawing prior to adding them to the pot is essential, actually more because you risk damage to a ceramic pot liner.
  • If you must cook a frozen product, be sure to add one cup of warm liquid to act as a "cushion" to prevent sudden changes in temperature.
  • If you have a metal crockpot you may add frozen items but several extra hours of cooking time must be added as well.
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