Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grab your one-week meal plan and grocery list...

Dine Without Whine

Have you ever stopped to think what you would do if you had 2 hours free to spend any way you want, every week? I did, and was surprised how hard it was for me to come up with ideas. I guess it's been THAT long since I had time all for myself.

Well, I want YOU to start making plans for two free hours. No, I'm not coming over to clean your house, LOL! But I am giving you a free meal plan and grocery list good for one week of dinners and side dishes,plus 2 brunch recipes and 2 desserts. It's a sample from Dine Without Whine.

So for the next week, you won't have to make your own meal plan and food shopping list. Not only do you get to use this time to do something else, but by meal planning and shopping with a list, you will:

- save big bucks (the average family saves $60 a week by eating at

- help your family eat healthier

- enjoy relaxed family dinners, which make for healthier, smarter and
more relaxed family members :-)

- save time and money when food shopping

Go ahead and grab your one-week meal plan and grocery list here: http://tinyurl.com/nvoo3m

...there's no charge or any obligation of any kind.

Enjoy your sample meal plan - and those two extra hours!

All the best,

PS: This is a no-obligation sample from Dine Without Whine. You don't have to give your name or Email address to get it, and you don't have to try the paid service - if you don't want to. All you have to do is go to this page and download your gifts: http://tinyurl.com/nvoo3m

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