Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Limited Time Special Offer from Menu Planning Central

What's For Dinner?
From now through February 2nd, I'm offering you two different ways to save when you join Menu Planning Central. You choose from a monthly option that's 50% of the regular price or a a Lifetime Membership to my meal planning system for a fraction of what it would cost you in monthly membership fees to stay a member for just a year. Half Off Through Feb. 2nd

Make Your Own Custom Menus With The Click Of A Button!
If you had a choice between grabbing fat-laden fast food yet again or serving your family a balanced, home-cooked meal, which would you pick?

And if the 50% off or a lifetime membership savings isn't enough cause to celebrate, they're also throwing in...

Eight Free Bonus Gifts Worth $178!

If these eight bonus gifts were sold separately, they'd go for over $178... but when you accept this special offer, you can have them free! Half Off Through Feb. 2nd  

Option 1 - Monthly Membership with a 50% Discount.

•4 Family Friendly Menus each Month

•4 Healthy Menus each Month

•4 Vegetarian Menus each month

•4 Frugal Menus each Month

•Make Custom Menus with our My Menu Maker Software.

•13 weeks of Kid Approved Meals

•Exclusive Library on Health, Saving Time and Saving Money

•Monthly Resources and Culinary Exploration Reports

•Plus the 8 exclusive bonuses mentioned above.

Go Here Now to Get Half Off Through Feb. 2nd

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