Friday, August 19, 2011

Cooking For One? Feed Yourself Well

Preparing meals for yourself can often be a pain. So often you're too tired and hungry after work to mess around in the kitchen so you end up eating a bowl of cereal rather than cook for yourself? Yeah, it happens. Since you don't have to consider what others want to eat, it's just simpler to eat whatever you have on hand.

Life changes such as the death of a spouse or divorce leave people alone to figure out how to adjust all of their previous cooking habits that worked for families but don't now that you're cooking for yourself only. You can learn how to make healthy changes that help streamline your cooking to save time and waste less as well.

Instead of stressing over it, how about taking on the task and experience some new foods that in previous years you wouldn't have been able to . Keep in mind, unless you're on a very limited budget, since you don't need as many groceries every week, you most likely have more money available for food, opening up your meal planning options considerably.

Cooking for one is not much different than cooking for a family if you're used to cooking larger quantities and freezing meals for later dinners. Simply cook the number of servings called for in the recipe and freeze some for future meals. By doing this, you can have a full freezer just waiting on those nights when the thought of cooking anything at all makes you tired. Pretty good plan.

Your slowcooker is a handy appliance that's perfect for cooking and freezing meals. You can either use a regular size crock or buy a small crock pot that cooks single portion meals. There are delicious easy crock pot recipes available line such as chicken crock pot recipes that freeze well.

Check on the internet and find a ton of cookbooks and recipes that focus on cooking for one. No matter why you're cooking for one, you don't need to lose out on some great food that is fun to try. Take advantage of this time alone to make a beautiful meal complete with wonderful wine and atmosphere. There's no need not to pamper yourself every once in a while.

While you're looking for recipes to try out, look for some exotic cookbooks and add some spice to your life. Perhaps even consider taking a cooking class and meet new people. You never know, a whole new life could be ready to start. Whatever you do, eat well and enjoy life!


nsladoje said...

Great post Cooking For One you are right about that meals for ourselves can often be a pain. Ann many of of are to tired after a long day at work that we can only see our bed, and you are very often we do what is just simpler to eat whatever you have on hand Like some Fast Food or anything we find.
Thanks for your advice for exotic cookbooks and cooking class maybe when I have some time I will go and meet some new people.
I like your blog very much I wish you great success.

Bruce said...

Thanks for sharing a great recipe
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