Friday, August 12, 2011

Want To Cook A Great Steak?

Is a tasty steak dinner your favorite meal? Does the thought of a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak cooked to perfection sound like heaven? Are you absolutely the worst steak cook in the world? What a terrible thought.

For some people the only way they are able to cook steak that isn't as tough as shoe leather is with a crockpot recipe where it cooks for several hours. But really, it is possible to grill a great steak, and here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Finding the right steak for your budget is the first step in cooking a perfect steak. If you are able to, purchase the best quality steak available. There is a big difference in how a cheap steak and a quality steak cooks. A one inch cut steak results in a juicier piece of meat than a skinny minute one, which, by the way, usually dry out fast and are not very user friendly for cooking.

One tip that many amatuer chefs aren't aware of is the need to let the steak reach room temperature before grilling. Simply let the steak sit out of the refrigerator for thirty minutes to an hour before grilling or pan frying.

One of the problems that can cause bad steak results is not knowing how or when to turn a steak while cooking. Invest in a good set of tongs and use them to gently turn your steak. The amount of time to let a steak cook will depend on the method you're using, pan fry, broil or grill for example. For a one inch thickness cooked medium, let cook for approximately twelve to eighteen minutes and turn just once.

After the proper cooking time has passed, leave that steak alone. Resist picking it up until it's had a chance to rest for about ten minutes so the cooking process can finish. This one simple step helps make a juicey steak, which is exactly what you're wanting.

Now you are aware of a few simple steak cooking tips, so go make a wonderful steak dinner just the way you love it!

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