Monday, November 26, 2007

What We Ate for Dinner Tonight

I like to read blogs about food. I simply love looking at the beautiful photographs of the wonderfully described food that the foodie bloggers prepare and then delight us with via the internet. I'm not a foodie. I'm what one would call a 'reciper' or a 'recipee' perhaps. The thought of taking pictures of everything I eat overwhelms me. I like to write about how to cook the food but not about what it felt like in my mouth. I suppose I'm just a lazy foodie hiding out behind a cookbook and a computer.

Giving to the busy parent a place to look for easy recipes that will get the fam fed and the parent off their tired feet is my mission here. I'm sure a picture of chicken enchiladas would be more than appreciated by the harried mom in Sheboygan on a Wednesday night after ballet and karate classes...but not sure enough to bother at this point.

So, I'll continue to enjoy one of my favorite past-times after my own kids have been fed and the dishes are at least off the table and piled into the sink for later. I'll look longingly at gorgeous depictions of exotic food that I'll probably never eat and certainly most likely never create. Food bloggers you are my idols and I sit in awe of you. There is life after chicken nuggets and you help remind me of this fact as I live vicariously through your blog posts. Thank you :-)

Now then, what did we eat tonight? HA! Chinese takeout of course! I'd take a picture of it for you but there's nothing left but a bunch of empty or partially empty styrofoam boxes with random lo mien noodles casually hanging off the side here and there. Yes, I'm going to go throw that mess out and clean the kitchen now.

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